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The purpose of the Physics Undergraduate Club is to encourage undergraduate student engagement with the Physics department at Caltech. We strive to offer an inclusive community where undergraduates can learn about academic resources, connect with other physics students, interact with faculty, and discover their academic interests.

Current leaders

Class Officers
Senior Isaiah Curtis, Aditi Venkatesh, Jin Ming Koh, Gabby Dituri
Junior Nachiket Bhanushali, Vibha Padmanabhan
Sophomore Adele Basturk, Domani Sharkey, Joe Sheeran
Faculty Advisor Alan Weinstein

People who have run the Physics Club

Year Officers
2020-2021 Shu Fay Ung, Andy Rothstein, and Eric Moreno
2018-2020 Daniel Mark and Anant Kale
2021-2022 Adrian Lopez, Shubh Agrawal, Helena Guan, Lorenzo Van Munoz, Gabby Dituri